Yes & No; depending on the item purchased. While our return policy states that we do not accept returns, please do not be discouraged by this rule. Due to Federal Law, we are not allowed to accept cosmetic and beauty product returns. Fragrances fall into this category. We want to advise our customers to please ensure that the fragrance you are purchasing, is a fragrance you have used before or have tried and are confident that it is a fragrance you will want to purchase. If you would like a sample version of any fragrance we have, please email us directly and we can coordinate a sample request at a reasonable price. There is nothing more disappointing to us than a customer receiving a product that they do not like! We highly recommend to all customers to order sample sizes of a fragrance, if available before buying full-size bottles, travel sizes, or miniatures. This will alleviate any distasteful experience if you dislike a fragrance. We appreciate your understanding and want you to know we are here for help and support, please don't hesitate to reach out to us.
Yes! We can ship internationally! Please reach out to us directly and we will assist you with shipping and pricing. Please note we do not ship to military bases or PO BOX for international customers. Some countries that are high risk are also excluded.
Yes! We ship to some US territories. This includes Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands which are covered under our FREE DOMESTIC shipping charge, excluding, American Samoa, Guam & Northern Mariana Islands. If you are part of these excluded territories please reach out to us for appropriate shipping details and pricing.
We are very well aware that the postal service is not kind to package handling! Rest assured all our products are insulated with foam to protect them from bumps, tossing, and crushing. We use specially designed packaging to insulate fragile items.
While it's rare, these events do happen on some occasions. Please reach out to us so we can investigate immediately! Most lost mail issues are resolved within 72hrs.